About The North Carolina Association of ABC Boards

The organization has grown to a state wide association with over 140 member ABC Boards.

The North Carolina Association of ABC Boards began as an informal association of several local ABC boards in eastern North Carolina shortly after the General Assembly repealed Prohibition in the 1930’s and permitted the citizens in 18 counties to vote on the question of whether to allow the controlled sale of spirituous liquor.

The citizens voted “yes,” and as a result local ABC boards were created to exercise control over the sale of spirituous liquor. In 1960, the group formalized its organizational structure and incorporated as a non-profit corporation.

Following incorporation in 1972, the North Carolina Association of ABC Boards contracted with the law firm of Jordan Price. And in 2020, after 30 years, the association contracted with CHMS for association management services and Joyner Government Affairs for lobbying and Jordan Price for legal counsel services.